We supply the finest quality, triple washed equestrian grade silica sand from Cheshire for use on horse menages. lunges and gallops. Its main features are the ability to drain well in wet periods, and yet to resist drying out during long dry spells. However, during sustained periods of dry weather it is expedient to apply a light watering.



Example of a menage we supplied materials to in North Wales.

In this example, sand was laid to a depth of approx. 4", and the rubber laid at approx. 1".

The ideal depth for rubber is 2", but the choice is personal.

This menage will be topped up in due course to the ideal depth.



Double click on the picture and get a clearer view of products as they look when applied.





Woven membrane for between ground and stonework.

Non woven membranes for use between stonework and sand.

Rolls are 100 metres long by 4.5 metres wide. (On a 40 X 20 arena, 2 rolls of each would be enough)



Finest quality Cheshire silica sand.




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