The Top soils we supply are from the Lancashire plain, Known for its richness and fertility. Below is a list of the grades of Top soil available and a brief description. All these grades Top soil can be supplied in either large or small quantities, from 20 ton+, down to the 25Kg (approx) handy carry bag.

Top soil, Top dressing

Top Dressing

Top dressing is a heat treated (sterilised) Top soil and is applied to the lawn surface.


Please ring for prices of this product, as there are different blends available.

Top soil Grade 1

Grade 1

Grade 1 Top soil is virgin soil off the field and then screened through a 12mm screen. It is ideally suited for filling raised beds and topping up your borders.

From only £25.00 plus VAT collected loose.

Only £2.50 per handy bag.


Top soil Grade 2

Grade 2

Grade 2 Top soil is a recycled soil and is suitable for filling large dips in the ground etc. and underneath turf.

We only supply this product as a direct load from our supplier, with a minimum order of 5 tonnes.

Please ring for a competitive quote.


Top soil, Root zone

Root zone

Root zone, similar characteristics to Top Dressing, except this is  not a sterilised product.

Please ring for a price on this product.